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10 Halloween Crochet Pattern Ideas

2020-10-15 | 13:44:00

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One of the best things about being a crafter is that you never need to BUY seasonal decorations. Whether you’re crocheting an Easter chick or a Christmas snowflake – there’s a special satisfaction in creating your own custom crochet decorations. Plus, you don’t have to battle the crowds in shops, or wait for a delivery! With Halloween on the horizon it’s the perfect time to get handy with your hook and create some creepy, but cute creatures or plump pumpkins to add a little spooky sparkle to your home. I’m going to share 10 spectacularly spooky Halloween crochet pattern ideas that are definitely more treat than trick.

You can Crochet with Bella Coco
A Halloween-themed wreath made from orange, purple and black yarn is hanging on a wall. It has spider, pumpkin and a witches hat motifs decorating it.
Photo from Highland Hickory

This boo-tiful wreath from Erica of Highland Hickory is a riot of traditional Halloween colours and motifs. From the spooky spiderweb to the jack-o-lantern this is such a fun door decoration. Packed fun of techniques, you’ll never be bored while making it either. Feeling a bit non-traditional? Why not try going for a pastel-toned wreath?

A trio of spiders in shades of soft pink and grey  sit on a wooden surface. They are crocheted in a cute amigurumi style.
Photo from Yarn Society

Sticking with spiders…here’s one eight-legged lovely you won’t be afraid of. Sharlotte the Spider is an adorable arachnid that’s quick and easy to make and is sure to delight children. And let’s face it, it doesn’t get much spookier than spiders, so this is an ideal Halloween crochet pattern.

A pink and peach coloured crochet bat hangs upside down from a white crochet hook.
Photo from Little Raven Fiber Arts

If you’re on the hunt for a different type of cute critter, how about this beautiful bats? Brenna of Little Raven Fiber Arts‘ adorable amigurumi bat pattern even has little grippy feet so it can hang from your furniture….or crochet hook!

If you’re look for Autumn patterns that are perfect for all season long, not just Halloween be sure to check out this post, 10 FREE Autumn Crochet Patterns.

What’s Halloween without pumpkins?

a pastel pink crochet pumpkin sits on a wooden surface beside a Autumn candle.

I have a trio of gorgeous gourd patterns to share with you. First up is my classic crochet pumpkin pattern. Not just a Halloween crochet pattern, this plump little pumpkin is an ideal Autumn adornment for your home. Want to spookify it? Just add a felt face!

an orange crochet pumpkin sits on a table alongside Autumnal candles and foliage.

Want a more classic pumpkin? This cute little pocket-sized pumpkin makes brilliant table decor for Autumn feasts. Or, why not make a whole pumpkin patch and create a crochet garland?

A cute Halloween pumpkin with a smiley face is displayed beside a trio of real gourds.

While jack-o-lanterns might be famous for their ghoulish and scary faces, 3amgrace’s kawaii cuddler is more huggable than horrible! Just look at that cheery little face. Too cute.

If you love this design, why not check out the beautiful guest post that Donna and Michaelene created for Bella Coco? This cute cactus crochet pattern is sure to prickle your fancy.

A cream crochet basket with an orange pumpkin motif sits on a wooden shelf. It is filled with pinecones.

Let’s face it, you can’t pick a peck of pumpkins without a pumpkin basket. Whether you fill this basket with the bounty of Autumn, sweets for trick or treaters or your yarn stash, it’s the most stylish storage solution you’ll find this Halloween!


I’m rounding off this post with a trio of crochet creeptures who are sure to add some sweet spookiness to your Halloween. What more could you want from a Halloween crochet pattern?

A trio of crochet ghosts in white yarn sit on a wooden background.

No Halloween post would be complete without a ghost. So, how about one of these sweet spirit crochet toys? The glowing crochet ghost by Jen at Jen’s A Little Loopy is such a fun pattern. To add an extra spooky spin to this pattern, why not use glow in the dark yarn?

A trio of one-eyed monsters sit in a circle. They are crocheted from velvet yarn in pastel colours.

Just look at how cuddly these little monsters from Bumbee Crochet are! Hooked up in soft velvet yarn, these cute critters are just too ARGH-dorable to resist.

A green crochet zombie with a loose eyeball and visible brains sits on a wooden background beside a black sign with white writing which reads, " Braaains"

Finally, how about a zombie? You might need to hook up a few crochet brains to keep this crocheted cutie well-fed! But I think you’ll agree it’s worth it. Jillian of Spin A Yarn Crochet is a genius. Imagine being able to make a zombie cute!

I hope you’ve enjoying this round-up of Halloween crochet patterns. What’s your favourite creepy-cute critter?

If you want MORE spooky but sweet makes, check out my Pinterest board. It’s FULL of fun Halloween ideas.

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Want to keep on top of the latest Bella Coco news? The best way is to subscribe to my newsletter…you get a weekly inbox packed full of news, patterns and tips!



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