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5 Alternative Easter Egg Hunts

2020-04-07 | 22:08:00

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We may be heading into a very unusual Easter this year – but that doesn’t mean you can’t still enjoy some seasonal shenanigans. I’ve gathered together 5 different ways to host your own Easter hunt – even if it’s difficult for you to get your hands on actual eggs.

Making a cute crochet trail is a great idea at a time when we’re all cooped up at home. You can deck your house and garden out with crochet creations that aren’t just pretty to look at – they’re much cleaner than the usual Easter egg hunt chocolate fest! I don’t know about you, but I’ve found that small hands + running + chocolate eggs = a MESS! Not only are these Easter hunts less chocolate-stained, they’re also fun to make and last longer than a traditional egg!

You can Crochet with Bella Coco


I couldn’t have an Easter hunt round-up without featuring the traditional Easter egg. Well, almost traditional, these candy-coloured cuties are made from yarn rather than chocolate. So, not only will they feel lovely and squishy to small hands – they won’t leave any mess behind!

Kids might be notorious veggie-dodgers, but I bet even the most veg-opposed will love Ashley at the Loope Ewe’s Carter the Carrot. Just look at that sweet little face! Why not crochet up a bunch of carrots and add the face details to just one? Then the lucky finder could win the main prize…just maybe go for a chocolate egg rather than an actual carrot prize!

If you’re children are small – I’d recommend omitting the glasses. But don’t worry, carrots are good for your eyesight, so I’m sure Carter will still be able to see!

a pair of pastel-coloured crochet butterflies sit in a rose bush

Imagine how pretty your very own butterfly trail would be? You can do it with these crochet butterflies! Dot these fun and fluttery crochet creations around your house or garden and send your family out to find them – you could even use fishing nets if you have some hanging around. It’s the perfect way to get your children interested in nature, while you get to enjoy a quick crochet fix.

This video might be Christmas-themed, but don’t let that put you off! Pom-poms are SUPER fun to make. They’re also the perfect craft to get children involved in – just watched sharp scissors with little fingers! You can knock up some pastel-coloured poms in no time flat, and they make the perfect chocolate egg replacements. Your children will love searching for things they’ve helped to make!

I just couldn’t resist sharing these little cuties from Ami Amour with you. While they might not be the most traditional of Easter hunt ideas, they’re just too sweet to leave out. Fantasy-loving kids and Harry Potter fans will go batty for these beauties. Not only that – they make a cute keepsake that will last FAR longer than a chocolate egg!

If you’re looking for a cute basket to hold Easter goodies, why not try the Easy Ombre Crochet Basket pattern from Crochet Society? Whip up a quick strap either with a crochet chain or a strip of double crochet and get them packed with eggs (or dragons, carrots and butterflies!)


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