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5 of My Favourite Intermediate Crochet Patterns

2020-09-29 | 13:14:00

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Hey lockdown learners – this one is for you! There’s been a MASSIVE rise in new crocheters over the last few months – which is amazing! It’s always good to welcome new members to our crochet posse. If you did pick up a hook for the first time during lockdown, chances are good that you’ve already mastered the basic stitches and you’re ready for the next adventure in your crochet journey. This post is going to cover intermediate crochet patterns that are PERFECT for crocheters who have mastered the basics and are ready for a bigger challenge!

The aim of this series is to grow as you grow. There’s no rush, take your time and work through the series at your own pace -it’s not going anywhere!

Not at that point yet? That’s OK. I have something for you too!

You can Crochet with Bella Coco

Let’s start at the very basics:

If you’re just starting your crochet journey and need the 101 crochet for beginners, then you need:

A pair of bunny bunting flats sit on a pink background surrounded by pastel coloured eggs and a pink crochet hook.

I also have a Pinterest board that’s packed FULL of ideas for new hookers.

If you’re feeling confident in the basic stitches and want to expand your knowledge then you’ll enjoy my 10 Crochet Patterns for Adventurous Beginners blog post.

If you’re ready to REALLY flex your hookin’ skills then these patterns are for designed for you. Most still use basic stitches, but add some slightly trickier techniques into the mix that will really boost up your skills and help you to create beautiful and intricate designs.

The Ludlow Cushion is one of my absolute favourite personal designs. The soft pink, textured stitches and cosy cushion squish – it’s just my jam!

A pastel pink and blue cushion leans against a white tray with a latte coffee and a vase of white flowers.

Introducing a couple of new stitches into your crochet toolbox, the Front Post Treble(s) and Back Post Treble it’s the ideal project to boost your brain and stuff it full of crochet knowledge! If you’re struggling to master Basketweave Stitch – I have a tutorial for it that should make this cushion a breeze!

Next up is the Kinetic Wrap by the super talented Janine of Knits ‘n Knots. Janine is a fabulous size-inclusive designer and her patterns are so modern and beautiful.

A woman stands in front of a brown background holding out a crochet shawl in neutral colours such as brown, camel and beige.
Photo from Knits ‘n Knots

This wrap is perfect for an intermediate crocheter – while only using basic stitches there’s some shaping and colour-changing to master. But Janine’s patterns are well-written and have plenty of tips to help you hook.


We’re heading into Halloween territory with the next pattern…but it’s so magical I promise you’re going to want this out ALL year.

A crochet C2C blanket is draped over a wooden fence. The blanket features a black cat motif sitting in a moon.
Photo from Highland Hickory

Isn’t it spellbinding? The Crescent Moon Blanket by Erica at Highland Hickory uses the C2C design to create a beautiful graphic image that’s ideal for welcoming the spookiest season. If you’ve mastered colour-changing this pattern should be nice and simple for you.

Sticking with wonderfully magical designs…have you seen the Spring Fairy House by Allison of Crafty Is Cool? I’m honestly so in love. It’s so cute and creative.

A small crochet mushroom-shaped house with a lilac roof sits on a woodland floor.
Photo from Crafty is Cool

Using just basic stitches, you do need a basic knowledge of shaping to make this design and there are a few fiddly bits – but it’s definitely worth the effort. It’s absolutely beautiful. With just a few colour changes, it’s also the ideal Autumn crochet project.

Finally, it’s another of my own designs, and another favourite! The Sundown Market Bag. This beautiful bag is ideal for picking up a pumpkin! Or any other shopping you might need, like yarn *wink wink*

A women browses the fruit and vegetables in a small shop. She is carrying a crochet bag made from pink yarn.

The bag is made up using basic stitches, with some shaping. So it’s a brilliant project to get some practice in increasing and decreasing. And let’s be honest, don’t we all LOVE a crochet project that’s useful when it’s finished!

If these patterns have sparked a desire in you to really hone your crochet skills, then you’re going to love these tutorials:

Click here to browse the entire collection of intermediate crochet tutorials in my archive.

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Want to keep on top of the latest Bella Coco news? The best way is to subscribe to my newsletter…you get a weekly inbox packed full of news, patterns and tips!



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