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5 Stashbusting Crochet Projects

2020-07-07 | 09:58:00

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Let’s face it, there are TWO types of yarn stash. One, a few skeins, balls or hanks of yarn that look pretty, give you inspiration and are ready to go when you find the perfect project. Two, the absolute MOUNTAIN of yarn that threatens to collapse on you every time you walk past it. Hands up if you’re guilty of number two…🙋 Well, don’t worry, I’m here to HELP. I’ve put together a list of some of my favourite stashbusting crochet projects that are perfect for hoovering up any small scraps of yarn you have left, or full balls that you stashed ‘for later’…three YEARS ago. Ready to do a deep dive into that stash? Let’s go!

Just…don’t blame me if you need to buy more yarn to refresh your stash!

You can Crochet with Bella Coco

Let’s start small, the beautiful Little Rainbow Cloud is the PERFECT project to use up small yarn scraps. Why not pair together brightly coloured leftovers and make your own rainbow?

Using just a few strands, this cute little cloud is ideal for using up any scraps from bigger projects. Why not make your own memory cloud using up strands from some of your best-loved projects?

Granny squares are also AMAZING at using up yarn leftovers. DK weight yarn is ideal, but you can also hold two strands of 4ply or fingering weight together to create a cool marbled effect!

Need some granny square inspiration? Try these:

Speaking of small and cute…just LOOK at this adorable little Door Mouse. Victoria captured so much personality in her face and the floral crown is just too SWEET. This is the ideal pattern for using up a ball or two of the body colour and then scraps for all of the other pieces. So, whether you fancy a little white mouse or a precious pink mouse…get hooking!

Keeping things on a flora and fauna theme…just LOOK at how cute these little crochet succulents from Picot Pals are?

Perfect for using up small scraps of natural colours like greens, browns and greys these cute cacti are guaranteed to never die – no matter how much of a black thumb you have! They also make great gifts – who wouldn’t want a houseplant that never dies?

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…from plants to pets!

This adorable crochet tortoise isn’t just cute to look it – he’s functional too! Perfect for storing your pins, this terrific tortoise won’t slow down your crafting. Don’t need a pincushion? He makes a gorgeous decoration for a nursery too. Not only that? He’s IDEAL for using up yarn scraps – why not go wild and make a rainbow-coloured tortoise?

Need the perfect project to stashbust some whole balls of yarn?

How about the Porcelain Mandala?

This hooking awesome hanging is ideal for pairing yarns together and creating beautiful crocheted artwork for your wall. Want to earn additional stashbusting brownie points? Why not make a magic ball from your scraps and create a colourful and creative mandala?


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