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Crochet for Mindfulness

2021-01-14 | 11:45:00

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It seems like you can barely browse a blog, or a magazine these days without seeing mention of mindfulness. There’s a reason for that. Far from being just another new buzzword, mindfulness is a fabulous way to help you restore some balance and breathing space into your life. And, don’t we all need that at the moment? I have some good news for you – you don’t even need to pick up a new hobby because crochet is the ideal mindful activity for your mental wellbeing. Crochet for mindfulness works for so many reasons.

Let me share a few of them with you, and then my favourite feelgood patterns that are perfect for some mindful hooking and have extra self care benefits when finished!

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Relaxing Repetition

There’s something incredibly soothing about the simple act of crochet. Wrapping the yarn around the hook. Pulling the stitch through. Moving the loops. The ideal crochet pattern has repetition, but isn’t just one stitch type. This brain boosting combo will keep you focused enough to stop drifting into your thoughts, but simple enough to allow you some breathing room.

Take the time for breaks to look at your progress and you’ll get an extra boost of feelgood.

Focused Attention

This ties in to the soothing repetition. I don’t know about you, but when I work on a project that only uses one stitch, with no shaping or increase/decreases, I find it easy to just drift into daydreams. While it can be nice, it’s not ideal for mindfulness. A multi-stitch project works much better. Take the time to focus on each stitch and its creation.


We all know how good it feels to finish a project. There’s something deeply satisfying about tying off your ends, sewing them in and then having something complete, made by your own hands. It’s a brilliant boost to your confidence, self esteem and mental health.

Today I’m going to be sharing five patterns that are ideal for crochet for mindfulness. Packed full of simple stitches, repetition and yarn squishiness (which is DEFINITELY important to self care).


I’m about to share with you a trio of patterns that aren’t just packed full of crojoy, but have self care benefits even when they’re complete. Because let’s face is self care crochet is good, but when it’s paired with a pampering session afterwards? It’s perfect.

To start your self care kit, you’ll need:

100g of Paintbox Cotton Aran

400g of Lily Sugar ‘n Cream Cone

A trio of crochet baskets sit stacked within each other on a wooden backdrop.

The Crochet Nesting Baskets set isn’t just ideal for storing your bits and pieces, it’s a wonderfully mindful make. With simple stitches and shaping, this brilliant basket is quick to make and incredibly useful. I love storing my make-up brushes, washclothes, skincare and face scrubbies in them. They make the perfect home for your self care kit.

Speaking of face scrubbies…

The next pattern on the list isn’t just good for your mind, body and soul, it’s good for the planet too!

An in progress crochet project of make-up scrubbies sits in a wicket basket. The yarn is white and purple.
A pair of complete make-up scrubbies sit in a wicker basket. They are made from purple and white yarn.

These eco-friendly crochet Make-Up Scrubbies feel absolutely lovely against your skin – much kinder than disposable wipes! I love hooking up hordes of these scrubbies and giving them as gifts. There’s something so luxurious about using hand-crocheted cotton as part of your skin care regime. Plus, they’re excellent at gently buffing away dry, dead skin and removing make-up!

I don’t know about you, but skin care is one of my first go-to methods of self care. I love the ritual of applying each step and letting it soak into my skin. These scrubbies are fab because they combine that ritual with my absolute fave hobby – crochet! Now if only there was a way to create a crochet sheet mask….

A purple crochet washcloth sits on a white background.

Finally, this pretty Crochet Washcloth finishes off the kit. Perfect for soaping up during a hot bath or shower – this is peak pampering.


Don’t forget, there’s a video tutorial for every single one of my crochet patterns. If you’re struggling with a stitch or just want to follow along, then my video guides are free to access.

Plus, if you subscribe to my YouTube channel you’ll get alerts when I publish a new pattern!

It’s FREE to subscribe and only takes a few seconds – you can subscribe by clicking on the button below.


If you need MORE crochet for mindfulness, then I highly recommend visiting these round-ups:

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We all know real houseplants are great for mental and physical health, so why not crochet ones?

A crochet string of pearls plant in deep green yarn sits in a terracotta pot on a white shelf.
String of Pearls from Ollie + Holly

5 Cosy Crochet Blanket Patterns

You can’t beat a blanket if you’re looking for the perfect project to practice crochet for mindfulness. Lots of repetition, plus a big, cosy project to work on!

A purple and white crochet blanket is spread over a white bed with white bed linen.

10 Crochet Patterns for Adventurous Beginners

These patterns are designed to be simple, but teach you new tricks and techniques as you go along. Perfect for keeping your brain focused!

A pair of bunny-themed bunting squares sit on a pink background beside a pink crochet hook.


OK, let’s start with the obvious. There are very few people who are going to find vibrant colours like red or vivid purple soothing. But did you know colours can evoke feelings and moods? Blue is perfect for inspiring feelings of relaxation and calmness. Green is good for promoting healing, harmony and compassion. It’s fascinating, isn’t it? Of course, which colours soothe you is highly personal but if you’re looking to make a gift for someone, I have some yarn colour suggestions for you in one of my very favourite yarns – Paintbox Simply Aran.

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Want to keep on top of the latest Bella Coco news? The best way is to subscribe to my newsletter…you get a weekly inbox packed full of news, patterns and tips!



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  • Jean Bradshaw
    January 21, 2021 at 3:55 am

    Hello, I am a member of the crochet society. What are you crocheting with the large wooden needle and 3 strands of wool. It looks very interesting. Xx

    • BellaCocoTeam
      January 28, 2021 at 2:01 pm

      Hi Jean this was a project I did quite a long while ago and to be honest I cannot remember what size the hook was. The project never made it as a pattern as it got damaged:)

  • Chris
    June 22, 2021 at 5:31 pm

    Hi Sarah. You have inspired me so much since I began subscribing to Crochet Society Last November especially as crochet isn’t my first craft but especially during lockdown. I am finding out that crochet is good for the mind and it is so relaxing and good for the soul. I am currently trying to create a space in our living room purely for my craft corner. In doing this sadly there has to be a mess to begin with. I started to do this following your crochet society box to do with making our own space. Thank you so much for all you do and how you have helped so many people with your crochet society subscriptions as well as your video tutorials that are so easy to follow. I used to struggle with a magic circle but have finally got the hang of it. Take care x


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