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Crochet Society Box 13

2020-07-20 | 11:56:00

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I am SO EXCITED to share the contents of the Crochet Society Box 13 with you. This bright and breezy box is inspired by Summer meadow picnics and is absolutely PACKED full of sun-soaked goodies. I can’t wait to show you what was inside my crochet subscription box this month…ready?

Register your interest for Box 15 HERE and subscribe from 21st July 2020

You can watch the Facebook LIVE official unboxing for Box 13 below if you want to catch up.

Or, if you prefer, you can watch the Crochet Society unboxing on YouTube 🙂

I won’t keep you guessing any more…let’s get to it! Ready to see the contents of the super Summery Crochet Society Box 13? Here we go!

Let’s start with everyone’s favourite bit…the yarn!

Isn’t it GORGEOUS? This little slice of lovely is a first for Crochet Society – not just one, but TWO cakes of self-striping yarn! With beautifully Summery colours and a lovely halo, this alpaca, wool and acrylic blend has a luxurious feel and is definitely one of my favourite yarns to be featured. I can’t stop squishing it! It’s going to make adding a touch of luxury to your projects a piece of CAKE!

Just look at the accompanying hook…

Look at how pretty that petalled handle is. This handmade hook is 3.75mm, making it the PERFECT size to work with your new yarn! I’m absolutely in love with those warm colours, aren’t they just ideal for Summer?

Speaking of Summery…

What could be more evocative of sunny picnics than a big, fat honeybee? Thankfully this one doesn’t sting, instead he keeps track of your stitches. What a helpful bee!

…and on the subject of keeping track – these fabulously floral yarn bobbins mean that you can break up the yarn cake to keep and use each colour separately! Clever, right?

What’s a picnic without a mug to sip lemonade (or wine…) out of? This tin mug is the perfect partner for your picnicking, and if you tip it up…there’s a cheeky little surprise. Want to drop a hint that you’re busy crocheting and don’t want to be bothered? Just take a sip! 😉

There’s also a little pompom maker to help you tackle making the joyful balls of fluff!


There are THREE fabulous patterns to choose from, all showcasing the stunning self-striping yarn. Whether you crochet directly from the cake, or break sections off using the yarn bobbins, these patterns are perfectly designed for the DK yarn. The designers this month really knocked it out of the park and I’m so excited to show you…

First up is Anna Nikipirowicz‘s Meadow Sweet Shawl. This airy shawl is the ideal cover-up for Summer nights, with a beautiful lace design and tassels!

Amigurumi fan? You’re going to ADORE Heather C Gibbs’ of‘s sweet little Briar the Bunny. Look at how cute the floral crown is!

Finally, there’s the perfect Summer garment. The Picnic Vest by Salena Baca may be created using simple stitches, but that’s the only simple thing about this GORGEOUS cardigan!

Be sure to check out the bonus recipe in this box too – what could be more Summery than a meringue? A strawberry and cream meringue, served with a glass of mint and strawberry iced tea!

Register your interest for Box 15 HERE and subscribe from 21st July 2020

So, what do you think? What’s your favourite item in the box? Which pattern will you be getting on your hook today?

Don’t forget to share your makes from Crochet Society boxes with the hashtag #crochetsocietystar for the chance to be featured on the Crochet Society blog and win a £10 voucher to spend on Crochet Society goodies!

Photography by Nicola of Bunny and Blossom Photography

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