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Crochet Society Box 21

2021-03-24 | 14:33:00

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I’m SO excited to share the unboxing of Crochet Society Box 21 with you. The feedback from this box has been INCREDIBLE. You love it! It’s always so heartwarming to see positive comments on the Crochet Society boxes. Every single person behind these boxes puts their entire heart and soul into putting together a box of delights that we hope you’re going to love. Every single item, yarn and pattern is handpicked, so hearing that we got it right is amazing. I’m especially thrilled to see such a warm reception to Crochet Society Box 21 because the theme is so near and dear to me – Eco!

I’ve spoken about ways to keep your crochet eco-friendly in the past and this beautiful box builds on that theme and shares tips and tricks to crochet in a planet-friendly way.

You can Crochet with Bella Coco

Let’s start with the basics. If you’re new around here, let me explain what Crochet Society is:

What is Crochet Society?

Crochet Society is a monthly crochet subscription box that’s absolute PACKED full of crochet goodies curated by…me! Each box includes yarn and a hook and THREE exclusive patterns created by designers from across the globe.

You’re too late to subscribe to this box now, but make sure you don’t miss the next available box by signing up here.


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I won’t keep you waiting anymore! Ready to get all of the juicy details? Let’s unbox, in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1…

BOOM! 💥 If you don’t want spoilers, look away NOW!

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Those natural tones, bamboo textures and that beautifully soft wool. I just LOVE it.

Speaking of the wool, I know it’s everyone’s favourite bit so let’s have a chat about it…

This Bergere De France yarn isn’t just squishably soft, it’s made from 100% recycled fibre! How amazing is that? My favourite bit about this yarn is that EVERY single ball is unique. Made up from the fibres left over as a by-product from yarn production, you can spot bits and pieces from Bergere’s other yarns adorning these eco-friendly balls such as sparkle from the Galaxie range, super soft alpaca from Cirrus and plenty more.

Say goodbye to landfill and hello to recycled yarn!

Onto the hook and stitch marker! This plant-themed pair will add a pop of fun to your crochet.

How cute is that succulent stitch marker? While you may be used to getting metal hooks in your boxes, I thought that something sustainable would be better in this box.

Bamboo isn’t just for pandering to panda’s tastebuds. It’s a brilliantly renewable source of wood and not only that – it feels nice to touch and looks absolutely beautiful.

Take a peek at this tumbler. Ready to meet your new bam-bae?

Ideal for storing your crochet hooks, keeping you hydrated or holding a Spring posy. Eco-friendly, versatile and super pretty! What more could you want?

I’m so excited to share this next item with you. It’s the perfect blend of style and function.

GORGEOUS! This fun little bracelet is a handy (or should I say wristy!) way to keep track of your rows. Simply move the charm along to keep count. Need to count more than ten? Why not combine your Crochet Society stitch markers with the bracelet?

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Let’s take a peek at the exclusive trio of patterns that were featured in Crochet Society Box 21. Every single one uses the beautiful Bergere De France yarn so you can get hooking right away!

Gan by Elisabeth of Desamour Designs

Sleepy Sheep by Hannah of stitchedupbyhannah

Bear Hug by Jane of janetarahowarth

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Want a sneak peek at the designer dream team behind Crochet Society Box 22?

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Want to keep on top of the latest Bella Coco news? The best way is to subscribe to my newsletter…you get a weekly inbox packed full of news, patterns and tips!



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