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Crochet Society Box 23

2021-05-19 | 18:30:00

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Mindfulness and crochet are a match made in heaven. There’s just something so soothing about the act of crochet. Whether it’s taking the time to learn a new stitch or using an old favourite. If you’re feeling a bit frazzled, I recommend taking a moment to work a few stitches. Really think about the texture of the wool, how does it feel? Squishy? Soft? Focus on the hook in your fingers as it warms to your skin. Really savour the feeling of the hook and yarn working together to make a stitch. Feels good right? Crochet Society Box 23 is ALL about mindfulness.

I’ve actually spoken several times about using mindful crochet:

You can Crochet with Bella Coco

Why don’t we catch up about what Crochet Society is, if you’re new around here?


Crochet Society is a UK-based monthly subscription box that’s PACKED full of crochet goodies that have been handpicked by me and the Crochet Society team. We use our knowledge and expertise to choose handy crochet items, the most beautiful yarn and exclusive patterns that cover all skill ranges and ages. Why not take a peek at last month’s box?

You’re too late to subscribe for this box, but our next one is a beauty! I promise you won’t want to miss out. Sign up here and join my Crochet Society posse.


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Ready to take a peek at what’s inside Crochet Society Box 23?

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Isn’t it bright and beautiful? Perfect for Spring. I’m so in love with that vibrant combination of yellow and pink.

Let’s get real a second. We’re living in some really strange times. I can’t even count the times I’ve heard the words ‘unprecedented’ or ‘pandemic’ on the news. I think everyone is feeling worried, stressed and anxious. So this box is designed to lift your mood, with lots of little goodies to help you focus on your mental wellbeing and indulge in some mindful self care.

…and what’s more soothing than a sumptuously soft, squishtastic yarn? Included in your box is a ball of Re:Treat by West Yorkshire Spinners. This beautiful wool yarn just feels so delicious. It’s perfect for bringing some comfort to our hands and heads.

See that cute pairing of stitch marker and hook too? Packed full of sunny vibes and Spring glow. Let’s be honest? Who can resist a sloth? Hopefully not you, because…

Crochet Society Box 23 also included a squishy stress pal in the shape of a sloth. Have you named yours yet?

If you need a break from crochet, hand-lettering is another fabulously mindful craft activity. I love getting lost in making the shapes connect to create letters. The brush pen included feels SO GOOD on paper too. And of course I love the colour, it’s almost exactly Bella Coco aqua!

There’s also some beautiful gift tags, perfect for giving a woolly gift. I find making crochet gifts is brilliant for mindfulness, not just for me but also for the recipient.


Let’s take a peek at the exclusive trio of patterns that were featured in Crochet Society Box 23. Each one of these patterns uses the WY Spinners Re:Treat yarn and bits and pieces included in the box. So, all you need to do is the hooking!

Share the Love by Sweet Sharna

Mighty Oak Beret by thecrochetproj

Melba Tea Cosy by Stitched Up Craft

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Want to keep on top of the latest Bella Coco news? The best way is to subscribe to my newsletter…you get a weekly inbox packed full of news, patterns and tips!



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1 Comment

  • Michele Yurman
    May 19, 2021 at 7:59 pm

    Hello from New York, USA. I loved this box, my second one. Have not decided which project to try first however. Things got a bit crazy for me but hopefully soon. The color and texture of the yarn is wonderful and the little squishy sloth adorable.

    I just wanted to say I really enjoy these unboxing videos; live or taped and you Sarah-Jayne, look wonderful.


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