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Easter Crochet: Crochet Bunny Patterns

2021-03-23 | 11:44:00

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When you think about Easter, what do you picture? Chances are good that you thought of eggs. Chocolate, hen laid, perhaps even crochet? Did you also think of the Easter bunny? Associations of rabbits and Easter go waaay back. In fact, the connection between bunnies and Easter go further back than Easter to the original Pagan holiday of Ostara, when they were considered symbols of fertility and new life. So, it seems fitting that today I share with you a whole heap of rabbit-related patterns to celebrate the coming of Spring and Easter. Are you ready for this round-up of crochet bunny patterns? WARNING: It’s VERY cute!

You can Crochet with Bella Coco

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Let’s hop to it and start with a classic…

My Bella Bunny Lovey is one of the first patterns I ever shared on my blog. It’s always such a delight when I browse through the #bellacococrochet hashtag on social media and see a Bella. This cute crochet critter is a brilliant gift for new mums and babies, combining a blanket and stuffed toy and providing comfort and cuddles for babies.

A crochet bunny lovey in shades of oatmeal and hot pink lies on a wicker placemat besides a trio of pink tulips.

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If your favourite type of rabbit is chocolate, then don’t worry, there’s the perfect pattern in this round-up of crochet bunny patterns for you too. This pretty Crochet Chocolate Bunny pattern by Sewrella is just as sweet as actual chocolate, but less likely to melt in sticky hands! This is a fun, easy project and uses up scraps of yarn so it’s the perfect stashbuster!

A dark brown crochet rabbit in a traditional style, without facial features sits on a wooden table beside a basket of chocolate eggs. The bunny has a crochet rose collar.
Photo by Sewrella

If you’re looking for a fun Easter project, why not take a look at my Pinterest board, Easter Crochet | Eggcellent Projects to Make.

The final toy on this crochet bunny patterns list is this fun little Ragdoll Spring Bunny by Spin A Yarn Crochet. I absolutely adore the Spring tones used in this pattern. This pattern is a great place for beginner crocheters to start toymaking too. Ragdoll-style patterns are often much simpler to master than amigurumi and with less fiddly parts to attach!

A ragdoll style rabbit crocheted in soft neutral tones and pastel colours sits on top of a wooden background.
Photo by Spin A Yarn Crochet

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Braided Band by Sue Stra

The next pair of patterns are perfect for adding Easter vibes to your home but I guarantee they’re so pretty, you won’t want to take them down when Easter is over!

This fun Bunny Bunting by Lucy is one of the most popular guest posts on Bella Coco and it’s for a good reason. This cute crochet bunny pattern is just packed full of joy. If you’re looking for a way to brighten up your office, craft space or kitchen then this is the ideal way to do it.

A crochet bunting string fashioned into bunny shapes is strung about a work desk with a laptop and bunch of daffodils sitting on it.

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Let’s have a chat about bunnies. The most iconic thing about a bunny? It’s got to be those HUGE ears. Whether they’re lopped, straight or somewhere in between, there’s no denying they’re big, bold and beautiful. So, why not celebrate that fact and create Yarn Society’s fun little Bunny Ear Wreath?

A hoop is topped off with a pair of crochet bunny ears in cream and pink yarn. The bunny ears are circled with a flower crown in pastel colours.
Photo by Yarn Society

Hopping into the penultimate place on this list is my golden oldie Egg Cosy pattern. Easter is such a great excuse to make the cutest things. Let’s be honest, an egg cosy probably isn’t really functional- but who needs function when something is THIS CUTE!

An egg carton sits open on a wicker mat. Inside the carton are two eggs with egg cosies on top of them. The cosies are pink and purple and have bunny ears attached to them.

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The final pattern on this crochet bunny pattern round-up is a sweet little applique that can be adapted to add a rabbit-shaped twist to anything you want! From a cute little blanket add-on to a patch for a jacket or a bag. It’s versatile, quick to make and super easy!

A trio of bunny appliques sit on a wicker mat. The bunnies are facing away so you can see their white fluffy tails.

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If you’re looking for the perfect yarn to work with this Spring, why not try a bamboo or cotton blend? Cool in the sunshine, this yarn creates crisp stitches that are lightweight and hold patterns well. My favourite is Paintbox Cotton DK. And, of course, what’s Spring without pastel shades? Here are some of my favourites:

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