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Granny Stripes vs Granny Squares

2020-08-18 | 11:34:24

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It’s time for a granny fight club! Of course, I’m not making ACTUAL grannies fight..I’m talking about CROCHET grannies. It’s time to take a side! Are you team Granny Stripe or team Granny Square. Don’t worry, it’s not an official poll, I won’t tell anyone which you picked 😉. It’s just an excuse to show you some of my absolute favourite granny designs – squares AND stripes. Because, let’s face it, more crochet is ALWAYS good.

Let’s start with the granny squares – it’s hip to be square when your squares are this pretty!

You can Crochet with Bella Coco

I absolutely LOVE Tiggerbee’s On The Huh square. This beautiful spiral granny square adds a super skew to the classic granny square shape – making it lots of fun to crochet, and look at! Not only that, it’s extremely easy to customise, so whether you want a two colour spiral granny square, or a rainbow – it’s easy to do. So, why not go askew?

Speaking of rainbows…

Just look at this absolutely STUNNING chromatic crochet design from Celine at Crafty CC. The Rainbow Puff square combines two of my favourite things, rainbows and puff stitches with my beloved granny square. Honestly, what could be better? Just look at how pretty those puffs look!

In fact, Celine is such a whizz with the granny square, I couldn’t pick just one of her patterns to showcase in this round-up. I also HAD to include her amazing, Reinventing the GRANNY SQUARE series. Not only are her designs packed full of whimsy and wonder, they’re SO fun to hook up. I promise you, you’ll have heart-shaped rainbows in your eyes after browsing her site.

Crafty CC's rainbow coloured granny squares
Photo by Crafty CC

Are you a fan of unique granny squares? Then you’re going to LOVE my blog post, Unusual Granny Squares To Make TODAY!

How about something cute?

My crochet Teddy Granny Square is the perfect addition to baby and child-sized blankets. Just look at that cheeky little face! Easy to adapt, you can customise this square to look like your child’s favourite stuffed toy. Or, why not go wild and make a picnic blanket perfect for your own Teddy Bears’ Picnic!

A granny square with a teddy bear face at the centre.

One of my favourite things about a granny square is just how much fun you can have with it. Whether you’re skewing the perspective, like with the spiral granny square or my mitered granny square and mitered solid granny square, adding a gorgeous pop or two (or seven!) of colour or a fun design. There’s so much scope to add quirky twists to this iconic square and make a classic, fresh and modern.

The squares are finishing strong with this magnificently magical granny square from Pony McTate.

Pony McTate's mushroom granny square.
Photo by Pony McTate

Not only is that toadstool SUPER cute, I love the modern shape of this granny square and how it uses the space. Why not make up your own cottagecore cushion with this fun(gi) square?


It’s time for stripes to EARN their stripes. Are you ready to make like a zebra? It’s time to get stripy!

Let’s start with a classic. I’m sure the lovely Lucy at Attic 24 needs no introduction. Her timeless granny stripe blanket has started MANY many people on their crochet journey and there’s a reason for that. It’s worth learning crochet for!

If you’re a fan of the stripe style, but want to mix things up a bit. How about combining two crochet heroes? The granny stripe and the ripple blanket. Mary Garrow’s Granny Ripple Afghan blends the simplicity of a stripe with the graphic design of a ripple blanket to create this beautiful hybrid.

If you’re into fusion, then you’re going to LOVE the Granny Stripe Gingham Blanket by Kristyn Crochets. This beautiful blanket takes the traditional, granny stripes and gingham and blends them together to create a modern masterpiece.

I absolutely love Daisy Farm Crafts’ Modern Granny Blanket. The simplicity of this blanket is also its beauty. I love how Tiffany has adapted the classic pattern to create a really modern, geometric design that’s really pleasing on the eye. I’m crazy about those colours too – I can never resist a pastel!

I’m rounding off the stripes with the absolutely stunning Baby Granny Stripes design by Kim Biddix. I love how she’s combined stripes AND squares with this beautiful baby blanket. Because let’s face it…we LOVE both.

The beauty of crochet is just how many stitches there are to learn – so how could we ever pick between two of the classics?

Speaking of learning stitches…why not master a new crochet stitch today? There’s PLENTY to pick from in my Stitch Library.

Why not crochet ALL of the projects on this list to make sure you’re standing firmly in the middle of Team Stripes and Team Granny? 😂

A bright crochet blanket made of granny squares sits against a white background.

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  • Linda Price
    August 18, 2020 at 7:50 pm

    Love the square, easier to keep track of stitches as well.


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