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How to Correct a Foundation Chain

2020-12-20 | 07:00:00

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Have you ever needed to correct your foundation chain because you have too few or too many stitches once you worked your first row? Did you feel that heavy weight in the bottom of your stomach when you realised that you would have to frog back to the beginning? Yep, we’ve all been there. I have MANY times I’ll tell you.

But fear not! I have a simple solution to save you precious crochet time and to stop you having to re-work those tedious foundation rows.

This technique is great if you’re working up a large item like a blanket and aren’t too sure how many chains you will need. Perhaps your working a new stitch and don’t quite get the pattern repeat right.

I’m going to show you how you can ADD additional chains to your foundation chain and also TAKE AWAY any unwanted chains. Trust me, you’re going to want to save this to your Pinterest board so you don’t ever forget it!


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Let’s start with one of the KEY techniques. Are you ready for this ground breaking piece of information?


Yep, that’s the first step. If you’re really unsure of how many stitches you are going to need, ALWAYS ensure that you leave enough of a tail end when making your beginning slip knot. Otherwise you make thing a little more difficult for yourself. However, if you’re in diar need of saviour, you can always add a little extra yarn using the main knot technique.


This technique will make use of that extra-long tail end that you hopefully did at the beginning of your work. Ensure you have a few chains unworked and remove the hook from the working loop of row 1. Then, simply insert your hook into the first chain so that you have one loop on the bottom side of your hook and two loops on the top.

With the long tail end, chain the additional chains that you need. You can then pick up your working loop and add the additional stitches to row 1. Cool right?


Using a darning needle, gently undo the initial know of your foundation chain. Step by step, slowly undo each chain. Once you reach the chain before you stitch. Gently pull on the tail end to re-establish the knot. TA-DA.

I have added some extra information in the video below incase you undo your chains a little too much. You can watch it below.

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