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Showstopper Blanket

2022-10-18 | 07:00:00

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Combining my love for home decor and texture I thoroughly enjoyed designed this show stopper blanket. Taking inspiration from a range of textured surfaces I played around with so many stitches when designing this blanket for you all.  

This blanket showcases a range of stitches and is your chance to show off all the new skills you have learnt throughout the book. Take your time and remember to use your stitch markers as you work your way through this beautiful textured stitches. There is nothing more satisfying that crocheting a project this size.

You can Crochet with Bella Coco

Learning Elements

Intermediate stitches and border. Working in multiples stitches in one pattern. intermediate foundation chain. Invisible join.

Yarn Details

For the showstopper blanket two balls in each colour, DK (8-ply/light worsted) Style Craft Special DK in colours White, Mushroom and Blush.

A huge thank you to Love Crafts for offering yarn support!

Showstopper Crochet Blanket

Alternative Yarn Suggestions

If you’d like to make showstopper blanket using an alternative yarn I suggest the following three yarns, all of these yarns can be purchased on Love Crafts. I always recommend doing a gauge swatch whether you are using the same yarn used in the pattern or an alternative yarn.

Deramores Studio Essentials DK

Wendy Supreme DK 

King Cole Big Value DK

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Sarah-Jayne from Bella Coco stood infont of a grey background with a crochet blanket draped over her arm whilst holding her new book in the opposite hand.
Showstopper Crochet Blanket

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You Can Crochet with Bella Coco

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