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Spring Crochet Round-Up: Brighten Your Day

2021-02-16 | 14:43:00

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Is that the sunshine on the horizon? I LOVE changing my projects with the seasons. Summer is ideal for small crochet projects in cool linen and cotton. Autumn is perfect for cosy accessories to fend off the freezing wind and rain. Winter is just made for toasty blankets. But my favourite is Spring. Still cool enough that crochet keeps away the chill, but with the promise of warmth and sunshine. It’s a time of pretty pastel colours, cute homeware and soft fabrics. If, like me, you like to match your crochet to the season, you’re going to love this collection of Spring crochet projects. With fun florals, soft pastels and just a hint of cosiness there’s plenty to choose from.

Ready to spring to it?

You can Crochet with Bella Coco

Crochet flowers are peak Spring. From delicate daisies to blousy blossom – there’s plenty of florals to pick from. In my opinion, the best flowers are crochet. They never need watering, never die and always look cute!

Ready to add some beautiful blooms to your Spring crochet WIP list?


Cherry Blossoms

An arrangement of crocheted cherry blossom flowers in various shades of pink are arranged alongside two branches on a blue background.
Photo from In The Yarn Garden


A pair of crocheted daisies sit on a white background alongside paper roses in shades of pale pink and yellow.

The next pattern is a paid-for pattern. It’s rare that I include these in my round-ups, but I hope you’ll agree that this one is worth the price!

Spring Flower Pots

A trio of crochet plant pots sit on a white background alongside a wooden crate. One pot has a crochet tulip, one a crochet bear and the third has the behind of a crochet bunny designed to look like it is going into a burrow.
Photo by The Little Hook Crochet

One of my favourite ways to use crochet is to spread seasonal items around my house to add cute little touches. For Autumn, it’s pumpkins, pinecones and mushrooms. For Winter, snowflakes and stockings. And for Spring? Flowers, butterflies and little pops of colour are perfect.

The next two patterns make ideal accents to add some Spring vibes to your home.

Little Rainbow Cloud

A white cloud made from yarn and studded with gold, glitter stars sits on a white wall. There are streams of pastel rainbow coloured yarn falling from the bottom of the cloud.

Butterfly Amigurumi

A pair of crochet butterflies sit on a wooden floor. They are made of teal, purple, black and lime yarn.
Photo from Spin A Yarn Crochet

These Spring-toned blankets and pillows will fit in perfectly to a Spring palette.

Spring Abstract Blanket

A pastel coloured blanket sits on top of a white bed. The blanket is made from chunky yarn crocheted into decorative squares.

12 Point Star Blanket

A star-shaped crochet blanket sits on a woven jute mat beside a trio of neutral coloured candles.

Anthropologie Inspired Long Pillow

An earth-toned pillow in shades of green, cream and coral sits on a white bed. The pillow is long and decorated with crochet bobbles and tassels.

Finally, what could be a better way to celebrate Spring than by wearing a beautifully soft-toned shawl or sweater to keep off the chill?

Seafoam Shawl

A woman wears a sea-green coloured lacy crochet wrap. The wrap is decorated with bright pink coloured pom poms attached to the edge.

Sedona Sweater

A woman wears a pair of blue jeans teamed with a bright-toned crochet sweater. The jumper is made from pink, orange, yellow and neutral stripes.
Photo from TL Yarn Crafts



Paintbox Yarns

Still want more? Try my Spring Crochet Pinterest board:

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Want to keep on top of the latest Bella Coco news? The best way is to subscribe to my newsletter…you get a weekly inbox packed full of news, patterns and tips!



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