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The Great Granny Squares Master List

2020-09-02 | 09:29:00

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Here’s the truth…Granny Square Month ended TWO days ago, and I already miss it. I can’t deny just how much I love these little squares. So, what better time to create a master blog post featuring every single bit of granny goodness I’ve ever featured on the blog? From the simple beginner granny square to full blanket designs and inspiration posts, it’s all going to be here.

Ready to get stuck in? I promise…you won’t have any treble getting to grips with these grannies!

Let’s start with the basics. Whether you’re a beginner, or just love the joy of a simple square then these are for you!

a granny square made in turquoise yarn sits on a white background


You can Crochet with Bella Coco

Once you’ve mastered the art of the treble a whole new world opens up – with plenty of scope for customisation! Honestly, seeing what can be done with a granny square is always inspiring to me. Whether it’s a graphic design, a cute applique or a even a complete rework of the basic shape, there’s plenty of fun designs and inspiration to be found.

For Granny Square Month, I played a lot with perspective, creating fun new shapes and styles. There are also some fancy designs in my pattern archives too! Want to try your hand at something fresh and fun? These patterns are for you.


A mitered granny square in grey, white and pastel pink and purple sits on a white background.
Mitered Granny Square
A white granny square with a pink heart in the centre sits on a white background.
Granny Square Heart

Looking for a simple, quick and easy way to join your squares, why not try the Zigzag Slip Stitch Join?

A mitered solid granny square in grey, white and pastel pink and purple sits on a white background.
Mitered Solid Granny Square
a grey c2c stitch granny square sits on a white background
C2C Granny Square
A blue granny square with a white trim and brown teddy bear motif in the centre sits on a white background.
Teddy Granny Square


The corner of a sunburst granny square blanket made from pastel yarn sits in the left corner of the image. To the right, the yarn used to make it.
Sunburst Granny Square

If you need EVEN MORE inspiration, how about one of these complete patterns?

A blanket made of granny squares with a cross-styled design in lilac, cream, blue and olive yarn sits on a white bedspread.
Wanderer’s Compass
A crochet cushion made up of blue, mustard and grey granny squares sits on a white bed.
Coastal Castaway Cushion

So, we’ve covered all of the patterns….SO FAR! But, this granny square bonanza is still not over. Don’t worry, there is plenty of granny square-shaped inspiration still to come…

How about these to spark some inspiration?

A rainbow-coloured granny square is framed in a white frame. It sits on a fireplace beside a succulent in a white pot.


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A blanket made up of the circle of hope granny square, made from lilac, white, mint, yellow and pastel orange sits on a white bed.

If you’ve made any of these granny square designs, I would LOVE to see them! Be sure to tag your makes #bellacococrochet on social media so I can find you!

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  • Leslie
    September 2, 2020 at 1:01 pm

    I love granny squares, too, but missed out on Granny Square onto completely, with too many other things on my plate. I think September is the perfect time to catch up on crochet!
    I love your content, and especially your color choices of soft and sweet pastels.
    In another matter: I’m wondering if you’d consider offering a printable option for your patterns here on your blog? I am a member but even when I sign in and try to print a free pattern, there are so many pop ups that key instructions are covered up, and lots of paper is wasted. Just a thought?
    Thank you for all you share!

    • BellaCocoTeam
      September 15, 2020 at 7:57 am

      I offer the patterns for free on my blog, however if you want to print them off I do make a small charge for this so that you can get them without any of the pop ups. Just to let you know that the pop ups and adverts can be deleted if you do not wish to see them. Thank you for your suggestion 🙂


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